Dealers awaiting response from vendors on price disparity

IT dealers decided to give an ultimatum to vendors to provide an offline market with a concrete solution i.e. till 14 January 2014

New Delhi

Facing the continuous challenge of price disparity, IT dealers decided to give an ultimatum to vendors to provide an offline market with a concrete solution i.e. till 14 January 2014.

A few days after the IT associations boycotted laptop vendors and stopped billing the distributors as a protest against failing to curb the unethical pricing of the online marketplaces.

Dealers are looking forward to a concrete solution to be heard from vendor companies.

In relation to same Rajasthan association said, “Vendors are approaching us and trying to figure out dealers issues so that e-commerce problem can be structured accordingly. We are hoping that a proper planned policy is in a process and something positive can be heard till given time.”

Vendors are equally supporting dealers and trying to structure the work flow till given time. IT associations and dealers connected to them voiced their issues with various demos, letters to authorities, bandhs, etc. Still dealers of Jalandhar are quite hopeful and to that the association said, “E-commerce is a big challenge but we are putting our efforts to keep hold on business. As per given ultimatum some of the vendors like HP, Dell and Lenovo has issued advisories in support of dealers which seems like the efforts from vendors will take some control over the online issue.”

After the bandh when all the dealers of Jabalpur shut off their business for three days which also harmed the business volume.

Sandeep jain, president, Jabalpur association explained, “Dealers are facing a dropdown in their business and some of them got to shut their shops. Dealers are fighting hard for their survival and we wish to find a solution from vendors so that in-market situations can be improved to some extent.”

Fighting for right to earn and survive dealers suggest that if no action is taken into knowledge by the authorities now, then the day is very near when situation will become bad to worse which can’t be imagined.

Adding to that Kanpur association said, “Trends change as per time and we dealers agree to that but when the difference arouses then that puts a question mark on the lives of people. Dealers are trying to automate their business models but the issues need a solid attention from the authorities. We are waiting and expecting for things to get right.”

Dealers are seeking for issues to get resolved at the earliest and also they are eager to hear structured plan in their favor.



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