DCTA: Still in a limbo

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The second week of the monsoon month of August last year saw the formulation of the new team for DCTA--the IT association for the resellers in Delhi. Delhi Computer Traders Association (DCTA), founded in 1994, was formed with an objective of not only voicing the woes of computer dealers and traders in the Nehru Place market but also to address their day-to-day problems. These problems ranged from the constant harassment meted out to dealers, interactions among various computer traders, and addressing security issues in Nehru Place.

This year has marked the eighth year of existence for DCTA. Its existence has been fraught with various issues, right from being labeled as defunct to the most influential cartel in Delhi to address the issues pending for ages amongst the dealers community.

Last year when the new office bearers took their seats, it was an energetic lot that was ready to participate actively for the betterment of the dealers' community. Enthusiastic people who had identified a dozen of issues that were to be addressed on the first day of the formulation of the office itself.


Agendas were as basic as cleaning up the Nehru Place to as crucial as solving the scams that had worsened the already dampened spirits of dealers in the middle of the recession. The DCTA team could address few of the issues very well, but some have taken a back seat.

It was an enthusiastic team when it was formed. Now with only half of the office bearers remaining active, the work and agendas are getting sidelined. Most of the office bearers seem to have disappeared from the action zone and can be seen in the circulars only; few are being the passive office bearers.


feathers in the wing

has time and again tried to address the theft issues, but hasn't

been able to taste success.


is a well-organized fund that is under close scrutiny of the

President and is used for the betterment of Nehru Place.

with members

meetings used to happen. In fact, it organized a Diwali dinner in

November last for all its members.


total membership has risen from a mere 125 to 450 members as of toay.

Anil Sachdeva, President, is active as ever but is feeling over worked, "DCTA is active, but energy has gone down. It is no longer as enthusiastic as it was at the time of its formulation."

Ashok Taneja of Softech who is the Senior VP, having suffered a heart attack, is taking a sabbatical from the IT industry by starting a new venture with Apollo Hospital. Ved Prakash, VP, is present at various gatherings and is the passive member for the office. JP Bansal, General Secretary, has become the right hand for the President and is trying to tackle the burning issues such as security and create an understanding with police to fortify the security in Nehru Place. Bharat Bhushan, Secretary, has been active in various events along with the team. Amit Pasricha, Joint Secretary, has disappeared from the Nehru Place market all together owing some money to the fellow dealers. Arvind Singhania, Treasurer, is hardly visible in the DCTA events or meetings.


doing what!!!

Post  Person  Activities
President Anil


member, with direct interaction with the members and the

spokesperson for DCTA



left the organization and has taken a sabbatical from the IT

VP  Ved





working hand of the association
Secretary  Bharat Bhushan  Passive member
Joint Sec Amit Pasricha  Disappeared from Nehru Place, owing large amounts to various dealers
Treasurer Arvind Singhania   Invisible member

With the total number of active members reducing considerably, there are is a big pile of pending agendas. The prominent ones are to address the principal related issues, concentrate on media dealers too and to form the constitution for the body. This august team seems to be unable to target and handle key issues, which are crucial for the working body.

DCTA is the biggest association in the north India and its activities have always influenced the market spirits. If it can again come back to the same enthusiastic newly formed team, dealers would get the best handholding.

Shweta Khanna