Dax Networks launches Patch Cords in India

DQW Bureau
16 Feb 2006

company, Dax Networks, has launched PatchSee series of Intelligent Patch Cords.
PatchSee Intelligent Patch Cord is a product in the realm of structured cabling
which will empower network administrators to manage their networks with ease.

One of the major diffi­culties
faced by network administrators in SMBs and large enterprises during
troubleshooting is identifi­cation of required switch ports and user nodes in a
Network rack. Dax hopes to address this pain point with PatchSee Intelligent
Patch Cord which enables identifi­ca­tion of the extremities and reduction of
network downtime.

PatchSee Intelligent Patch
Cord comes with a system of removable color clips, which is useful in
implementing a color coding system. These clips have been designed to protect
the latch of the RJ45 connector. Sixteen different colors are available.

PatchSee Intelligent Patch
Cords are available in the following range: Cat6a, Cat6, Cat5e patch cords in
UTP and FTP; also two-pair patch cords for telephone applications. RJ45 cables
of up to 50 mts (165 ft) length are available on specific request. Patch cords
are all individually tested in compliance with the latest ISO 11801 and EIA/TIA
568-B.2-1 norms and standards.

The patch cords is that they
are interoperable with any brand of cabling components.

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