Dataquest 35 Years: Ind Innovations Unbolt The IT Industry Opportunities For You Empowering Your Organization To Outshine

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Dataquest 35 Years: Ind Innovations Unbolt The IT Industry Opportunities For You Empowering Your Organization To Outshine

Authored By: Manoj Vashishth, VP Sales & Service Delivery


Manoj Vashishth – VP Sales & Service Delivery, believes in finding out “What will work best” for an organisation being a senior leader of the Ind Innovations. Further, he adds “We have just started! Today we have a physical presence in all Asian metropolitans and are progressing towards complete continent penetration. Our proven track record of 10+ years is acknowledged and certified by renowned IT players is something we value the most.”

Strong Network of Clients: Ind Innovation has been able to nurture a good network around them. This strong network is our earnings. When we could deliver the desired outcomes for our clients we feel proud. This approach has led to the long-term associations with the prominent IT leaders of the industry. Today we have expanded our range of services without compromising on the quality; which is great for the team.

Today's fast-paced IT-driven services need the equally competent support system.  Munish Seth – Founder & MD could envision it and created Ind innovation in the year 2005. Today it is among the fastest growing IT support organisation and a promising name which clients and affiliates prefer to associate with. This UK affiliated organisation provides most advanced and completes IT support solutions for its Indian and global clients.


Munish Seth can be defined as - A man of actions. His unique approach towards operations and strategic decision making gave clear vision to the organisation, associates, and clients. “This trust which our associates and clients’ have upon us is built over a period of decade and we are thankful to them for being with us” – Munish Seth – MD.

The core strengths:

  • Ind Innovation PAN India presence - You name the place in India and they have their skills & warehouses and logistics, even in extremely remote locations of India they can deliver.
  • Ind Innovations is operating in 20+ nations worldwide with the cosmopolitan expertise to offer in each vertical and services.
  • The organisation is proud to have professional, experienced and ethical employees who are driven by the Ind Innovations culture of commitment and are serving 24*7*365 in Asian, European and American continents.

Ind Innovations offers:

  • Cloud computing with latest advancements.
  • Efficient and effective Data Centre.
  • Adaptive Enterprise Network.
  • Network Field operations managed by their most experienced staff.
  • Managed Services by the able leadership and vision.
  • Software Solutions Support which is prompt, global and remote.
  • Lifecycle management for all the portfolios.
  • ICT Security.
  • Online and in-house Training.
  • Multi-Vendor Technical Support by the cosmopolitan and agile employees.

Industry expertise: 

  • Telecom • Travel  • Broadcast  • Education
  • Healthcare • Hospitality  • BFSI
  • Media • Govt. /PSUs

The Achievements:

  • Our client is Fortune 100-500 companies
  • So far 200+ Domestic & international projects completed across all the industries.
  • A promising 12% growth YOY
  • An ISO – 9001 -2008 organisation.
  • In terms of Skills & Warehouse and Logistics, we have the best reach for our PAN India operations.