Data protection, a big business for HP

DQW Bureau
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HP India is at the forefront in offering business continuity and disaster recovery solutions. The importance of protecting data occupying greater mindshare is reflected in the increase in storage security inquiries.

"Any breakdown in information access can lead to discontinuity, which translates into a loss," says Anupam Nagar, Country Sales Manager-Storage, BCSO. These losses are further compounded if the company has information needs that are mission-critical. Nagar adds, "Globally 1,000 terabytes of storage has been sold by us till the year 2000 and we could touch the 12,000 terabyte mark in 2003."

HP undertakes consulting with clients and coming up with a thorough need assessment analysis, which is then delivered by the partners. "We follow the plan and design; implement and build; operate and manage; and explore and innovate loop. This ensures that the delivered solution is always updated to keep up with the fast evolving needs of the customer," said


With a need for ensuring data protection gathering momentum, data protection has come to be the biggest HP business in the country today. Although unable to share figures, HP officials confirmed that the business was growing at a very rapid rate.