Dal Lake to go Wi-Fi from November

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Chennai based Dax Networks Ltd, part of Apcom Group, has Wi-Fi enabled Dal Lake, the second largest lake in the J&K state, thus turning it to be the first Wi-Fi enabled lake in the world. 

The project which has been conceived by Dax Networks and was being implemented in partnership with the Department of Tour-ism, J&K and iPeaks, an ISP of the state, will be inaugurated by the Chief Minis-ter of J&K Mufti Mohammad Sayeed on November 1, 2003.

Making the ann-ouncement during the pre-launch of the project, Dax Networks director Deepak Mirza remarked that this is a proud moment for Dax and for every organization that wants to make a difference. 


“This is the first of its kind networking project where a tourist lake has been Wi-Fied. Though many parts of the country are enjoying the benefits of technology, there are still many pockets in India, which are still untouched by this phenomenon, Kashmir being one. This is not just a bold statement, but also a move that can have cascading effect in the state and a positive rub off on the overall image of the country,” he said. 

But Mirza doesn’t attribute the reason for choosing Dal Lake to his Kashmiri origin but added, “It’s the most difficult project to undertake. If you can do this you can do others.”

Recently, Dax constituted a Wi-Fi division within the organization and is targeting Rs 40 crore for the coming fiscal from this department. As far as Dal Lake is concerned, Mirza remarked that the company does not intend to make any commercial profit from the project. But for commercial purpose it plans to replicate this model at other lakes in India — Nainital, Hussain Sagar, Kodaikanal and



Implementing Wi-Fi wasn’t an easy ride for Dax Networks. It had to face challen-ges in getting the project approved by the J&K government, Tourism Department and the local ISPs.

Dax Networks co-untry manager Sujit Singh said that the company has succ-essfully implemen-ted seamless integration. 

The shikaras, which move within the lake, are connected to the houseboats, which lie stationary within Dal Lake. The houseboat will house the network connectivity. Even if the shikara moves out of its zone it will remain connected to the concerned houseboat. 


“J&K is yet to grow as an IT savvy state. We faced difficulties in the form of manpower, resource availability and even power. Most of the resources for the project had to be accessed from Delhi,” added Singh.

With the completion of the project, the ISP will now manage the network. The project cost Rs 10 lakh for Dax, and it has given the infrastructure for free.

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