D-Link to expand focus to large enterprises

DQW Bureau
13 Sep 2002
New Update


D-Link India with considerable presence in the SOHO and SME networking market

has now set its sights higher at the large enterprise market. The vendor with a

dominant presence of around 40 percent in the domestic SME market is looking at

a piece of the large enterprise market which is estimated at Rs 1,000 crore. To

that effect, the company has launched a slew of products that would address the

concerns of larger enterprises.

The company has launched layer three stackable switches. Earlier D-Link's

product folio comprised only of layer three managed switches. The layer three

market is estimated at Rs 800 crore of which D-link caters to a size of around

Rs 50 crore. With the launch of the new switch, D-Link hopes to increase its

share in that market.

The company is also launching VoIP solutions for enterprises. It shall

provide IP telephones priced at around Rs 10,000 as well as station gateways,

gate keepers, soft switches, etc. In fact, most of these products have been

developed at its development center in Bangalore.


The third range of product would be wireless solutions for the last mile

targeted at ISPs wanting to cater to the enterprises. These solutions running on

502.4 MHz would be based on Ethernet standard. The solutions are expected to

provide connectivity within a radius of 25 km.

The fourth range of products would be storage and security products. After

integration, this is the next step that enterprises would look for. D-Link is

currently on a drive to promote awareness about its new range of products

amongst customers and partners. It has 20 regional distributors and partners

with more than 1,000 system integrators.

Right now, the segments that are expected to get revenues for the vendor are

finance, telecom and the government.

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