D-Link commemorates its silver jubilee

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recently announced the commemoration of its 25th

anniversary with a renewed pledge of leadership and innovation within

the networking and consumer electronics industry. Founded in 1986 to

design and market network adapters, now the company has grown into an

international networking giant with a worldwide reputation for robust

and affordable products.


networking scene has changed drastically since D-Link's inception

25 years ago. Initially with only the domain of government and

academia, networking technology today has become ubiquitous,

enriching social lives and empowering business operations. A growing

emphasis on mobile and cloud computing has reinforced the need for

reliable networking solutions everywhere. D-Link appears poised to

meet the demands of the current landscape with new offerings that

facilitate private clouds in the home, and enterprise solutions that

arm administrators with versatile management, security, and quality

of service features.



and IPv6-Ready


Conscious of

the evolving global networking environment, D-Link is striving to

achieve IPv6 readiness for all new products. Ahead of most vendors,

several D-Link wireless routers first received IPv6 Phase 1

certification from the IPv6 Forum in 2006. Since then, D-Link has

attained IPv6 compliance for all Managed Switch products including

its full line of Smart Switches. D-Link L3 switches currently support

IPv6 routing in addition to IPv6 management.


businesses in the small enterprise segment, D-Link's auto

surveillance VLAN is a fresh development that highlights the

company's growing strength as an end-to-end provider. As SMEs look

to cut costs, the opportunity to combine IP surveillance and data

networking becomes especially attractive. “Considering the enormous

benefit of zero configuration combined with QoS improvements, the

advantages of auto surveillance VLAN will be difficult for

cost-minded SMEs to ignore,” noted Anthony Lai, head-business

solutions unit, D-Link.



Innovation for the Future

An increased

reliance on mobile computing also presents new opportunities for

D-Link as a solutions provider. As femtocells and mobile hot spots

become more common, there is a greater need for technology that will

provide seamless transitions between multiple network layers.

D-Link's recent foray into mobile technology and its considerable

track record with wireless leaves it in a prime position to develop

hardware that will improve users' experience with their service

providers as they begin to abandon their landline phone and cable

connections in favor of an all IP-based system for their living


Tony Tsao,

CEO, D-link said, “Consumer behavior is always evolving, and we are

now seeing an accelerating trend toward technological convergence.

This convergence presents a multitude of opportunities for D-Link as

a solutions provider. D-Link is committed to developing innovative

new products that will shape the future of networking over the next

25 years.”