CyberMedia Dice unveils India's only tech-focused job board

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South Asia's biggest specialty media house CyberMedia and US based Dice

have announced the launch of their JV Cyber-Media Dice, a job board that purely

focuses on the techno-logy and engineering industry. Speaking on the need for

such a service, Michael P Durney, senior VP and CFO, Dice said, "Our

customers in the US kept asked us when we would be planning operations in India.

We went with CyberMedia because we felt that like us, CyberMedia has the biggest

reach to tech professionals in India and is also the largest provider of

technology spe-cific content in South East Asia." The JV involves a 51

percent-49 percent partner-ship between Dice and Cyber-Media respectively.

However both companies did not reveal the investment details.

This is Dice's first foray outside the US market. Durney said that he

expects to acquire significant market share and become the market leader in the

online recruitment indus-try for tech jobs in India.

Some of the features of the job board include

emphasis on technology-focused content and services, availability of practice

tests and assessment products and skill assessment through the CyberMedia Dice-MeasureUp

index. These would help to test a candi-date's domain knowledge in specific



Durney that CyberMedia Dice is unique to the market since it would link its

specific proprietary assessment -MeasureUp to candidate profiles. "This is

something we don't offer even in the US," he added.

Pradeep Gupta, CMD, CyberMedia added that with the launch of the job board,

there would be a common yardstick in the industry for assessing candidates

through MeasureUp.

CyberMedia Dice would tie up IT companies, recruiting companies and

consultants. "It would aid recruiters in both pre-recruitment and post

recruitment since we also offer assessment solutions," said Abraham Mathew,

Presi-dent CIOL and CEO, Cyber-Media Dice. On the issue of competition from

other job portals, he said, "With our focus on the IT and tech area and

with our practice tests and assessment products, we offer better quality than

our compe-titors." Durney added that the cost per hire from CyberMedia Dice

would be less than that incurred from other broad horizontal competitors.


He further said that though Dice focused on the gamut of jobs across the tech

and engineering space like IT, aerospace, bio-pharma and biotechnology, the

initial focus of CyberMedia Dice would be on IT jobs.

Dice is the largest techno-logy site for recruitment, which attracts 1.4

million unique visitors a month and 16 million job views a month. It also has

1.6 million regi-stered users.

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