COSMIC FFP aims at improving efficiency

DQW Bureau
New Update

Software Measurement Services (SMS), a UK based consultancy firm specializing in performance measurement, benchmarking and process improvement is now in India with their latest offering--Common Software Measurement International Consortium (COSMIC).


COSMIC was developed two years ago by a group of software metric experts. This software functional size measurement technique works well for business and real-time software. The method is a precise approach to requirements determination, where the size measurements of the requirements is obtained as a by-product of the analysis.

Grant Rule, founder and Director (Operations), SMS, UK was at the NASSCOM 2001 exhibition to deliver a lecture. He is also a member of COSMIC. Dwelling on the method, he elaborated, "COSMIC FFP is the only software sizing method that has been designed both for the business and real-time software.''

The method helps expressing the terms that can be easily interpreted by software engineers working with MIS or real time software. It has been tested at major corporations around the world and has also been designed to conform to the ISO standard on the principles of functional sizing prior to gaining acceptance as an ISO standard. 


Commenting on the COSMIC FFP version 2 method of assessing the software he said, "The latest version COSMIC FFP is a major advance in generality, simplicity and accuracy over the existing ones.''

Revealing the importance of the method in Indian context Grant said, "India is a major software supplier to the world and so it is necessary that Indian software development companies understand the needs of the customers. This will improve the performance of the software and the financial crunches could be avoided.''

In the quest to provide this method to the Indian companies, Chennai based Amity Soft has signed a memorandum with

SMS. Said, Jayakumar, CEO, Amity Soft, "Last December we brought this method to India. As India is a big player in the software development, we felt the need to introduce this method in India. It has been tested successfully and we hope that this method will be of tremendous help.'

Under the MOU, both the companies would work towards providing training in the field of software size measurement. They would also work towards providing consultancy services primarily in India and UK. Besides, Amity Soft would attempt to obtain business opportunities for SMS in the areas of software measurement.