Correlation of Domestic appliances and EMF: A matter of concern

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Correlation of Domestic appliances and EMF:  A matter of concern

Authored By: Manas Ganguly, Founder, Brightsandz CleanTech.


Environmental exposure to Electromagnetic fields is not a new phenomenon. However, over the past two decades, the influence of Electromagnetic fields has been constantly increasing. It is not just a matter of concern for the population living near to power lines or other electrical lines. Every individual is now exposed to varying levels of Electromagnetic Fields due to increase in advanced electrical devices at home as well as workplaces.

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) from electrical appliances signifies one of the fastest growing influences on the environment and human body. Electrical appliances at home produce EMFs which create harmful radiation in the environment. Majority of electrical or domestic appliances emit non- ionizing radiation which creates the harmful environment for people.

EMFs are the invisible form of electrical and magnetic forces. The level of EMF impact depends upon their intensity. Higher the intensity, the more harm EMFs create on an individual exposed to them.In addition, duration of use and proximity to domestic appliances is also considered as one of the crucial factors behind the impact of EMF exposure. However, its level of sensitivity is different for individuals experiencing it in their home.


Surprisingly, the risks of EMF is higher in the kitchen with effects on other rooms depending upon the usage of such appliances.Out of all appliances used in the kitchen, Microwaves and Electric Chimneys are considered as the biggest emitters of radiation. Microwave radiation causes a gradual damage to human cells and tissues. Harmful effects on health such as weak immune system, cataract, anxiety and many among these can be seen in an individual due to high-level EMF exposure.

Several experts and scientists believe that frequencies above 10 hertz can cause harm to human health. A microwave’s frequency ranges from 300 million hertz to 3GHz. An individual using the microwave from three feet away is exposed to 25mG (milliGauss) of EMF and over 50mW/Esq. of microwave radiation. Similarly, depending upon the power of the electric motor in a chimney, the EMF radiation could be as high as 20-100 mG at the head side of the person who is cooking.

To limit the emission of EMF from microwaves, manufacturers have undertaken strict measures by installing seals to block harmful frequencies. But with time, as the microwave ages, these seals get weaker. Once seals begin to fail, the risks associated with health gets higher and stronger.


Apart from the kitchen appliances, there are also other household appliances installed in bedroom and living area which have a serious EMF concern. Appliances such as Voltage stabilizers and Investors have extremely high EMF. EMF exposure from these appliances is prolonged. It is believed that EMF exposure is higher during the sleep time due to proximity and duration of its exposure.

Other domestic appliances such as electric razors, hair dryers, Wi-Fi routers, and many others also emit radiation which is potentially harmful to human health. Some of these devices, mainly, electric razors and hair dryers can emit 200 to 400 mG when turned on. That’s why experts recommend to not to use the hair dryer on or close to children as it can rapidly cause damage to developing brain and nervous systems.

Domestic appliances have undoubtedly made the life easier. In this fast moving life, it is difficult to live without such devices. To protect yourself, you cannot stop using these appliances. In many cases, simple measures can reduce the EMF exposure by 50% or more.


For instance, a Wi-Fi router can be switched off when not being used. A Stabilizer needs to be at least 5 feet or more from the head side of the bed. An Invertor should be housed outside the residence in a covered place. One should not sleep on the smartphone near the head.

One should not co-locate the Wi-Fi router inside the child’s room. Reduce use of electric devices such as shaver or hair dryer. Hair dryer needs to be held at least 1foot away from the head. One should use a Bluetooth headset or a normal wired headphone for phone calls. It is advisable to use landlines and wired internet as much as possible. It is advised to maintain the 20cm distance between the laptop and us at all times.

Beyond these safety hacks, several measures can be undertaken to reduce the serious impact of EMFs on health. In the steps to curb EMF exposure from domestic appliances at home, there are various shielding products and solutions available in the market which can be installed at home to ensure safety and protection.

There are solutions such as radiation shielding glass films, fabric curtains and carburised mesh for EMF radiation containment in premises. There are other products such as Laptop EMF radiation shield, Hollow air-tubes, Microwave oven shields for EMF protection from devices. There are also maternity belly bands and smocks that reduce the impact of cellular and Wi-Fi radiation on babies.