'Convergence is still a driving force for tech uptake'

DQW Bureau
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What are the current global trends in the networking market?

Convergence has been a driving force for tech uptake for some years and

continues to do so. Across the world, convergence of voice, video and data is

driving the uptake of latest equipments. With the introduction of high-end

Gigabit switches, enterprises are looking at new investments in their networks.

As the new trends are management monitoring and wireless Ethernet, companies are

deploying solutions in this space. Also with the coming of 802.11 n standards

hopefully by next year, everything will go wireless.

Is there a shift of focus in D-Link's strategy, from SOHO to


As Ken Kao, Founder and CEO, D-Link stated, indeed we are shifting our focus

from SOHO to SMB. Over the years, we have realized that there is a specific need

to focus on the SMB segment, as it is the fastest growing segment across the

world. But this does not mean that we do not value retail. In some markets like

US etc we will continue to focus on SOHO, while in some markets like India, we

will be targeting the SMB segment.


How has D-Link India done overall?

India is an important emerging market for D-Link. In many ways, it is here

that we perfected the art of joint venture. We have been in this market for over

a decade, and have gone from strength to strength. Telecom market is one of the

fastest growing segments in India and Australia and we are quite bullish about

our prospects here.


Cisco, Huawei, Netgear, and others have become active in India

of late. Are you facing the heat from competition?

Ironically, I really do not feel any heat from competition, because we do

not have any real competitors that can match our range of product portfolio. We

are competing with so many at the same time, that often I just lose count.

Shashwat Chaturvedi