Convergence happens at Comp-ex 2004

DQW Bureau
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Convergence of telecom and IT was visible at Comp-ex, 12th annual expo of

VCMDWA as there was an entire pavilion taken by Tata Indicom.

"Last year there was no Reliance or a Tata Indicom therefore, this was a

new addition. Infact this year stalls on power and UPS have reduced but there

have been new products like LCD projectors and also notebooks in display,"

said Sudhir Budhay, President, VCMDWA.

For the inauguration, VCMDWA had invited Etsu Fujitha, MD, Epson India. On

the occasion he said, "Cities like Nagpur are of relevance to Epson due to

our increasing focus in growing metros."


There was active participation from all the members of VCMDWA as there were

90 to 100 stalls and on the first day itself there was a crowd turnout of 3,500,

which touched 60,000 on the last day. There were not many dealers from outside

except for Jitubhai Joonewale from Mumbai.

Most of the vendors were present through their respective dealers at the

expo. With the mini budget being announced just few days before the expo it an

received a lukewarm response in respect of sales, "There were a lot of

enquiries but no sales. On the whole sales have been affected by atleast 50


VCMDWA has already started working on a next project, and is acquiring land

for itself from the government for setting up an office.

Nancy Sudheer