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Chennai, 4 Nov announced that it will be conducting various online competitions for children on the occasion of Children’s Day. The simple yet interesting online competitions would fetch the kids fabulous prizes. All that the child has to do is log in to and click on the Children’s Day icon and choose one or all of the contests by clicking on the appropriate icon. has come up with three different kinds of online contests for children. Droodles is the competition where the child has to guess what the Droodle is trying to convey; the Droodle being a drawing or sketch that does not resemble anything in particular.

The Guess Who? contest tests the child’s knowledge of Indian Prime Ministers. The contestant has to identify the PM from the morphed photographs given on the website and then arrange them in chronological order. Children who identify the Prime Ministers correctly and set them in correct chronological orders are eligible to win cool prizes.

The Wordplay contest targets the creative writer in every child. The child will be required to take a long hard look at a picture given on the website and write 150 words on whatever they think about the picture.

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