Connoi launches LCD PCs and laptops

DQW Bureau
24 May 2002

Connoiseur Electronics, a Bangalore-based manufacturer of desktops, workstations and servers has announced the launch of a new range of LCD PCs and laptops. The new LCD PCs and laptops, are the latest additions to the company's family of corporate computers. 

The Connoi SlimTOP series which is targeted at the corporate segment comes with DRAM, upgradeable to 512MB, a 64/128/256MB SDRAM with two DIMM Sockets. The Connoi SlimTOP series is priced at Rs 69,000 and also offers a Pentium 4 processor model.

Connoi SlimTOP series also offers two USB ports, two external PS/2 ports, a parallel port, and an IEEE 1394 port, which is optional. According to Connoi, the first shipment of SlimTOP series is expected to hit the market by early June this year.

Connoi's laptop comes with a 24x CD-ROM drive, which can be upgraded to DVD-ROM/CD-RW/COMBO. The laptop features two USB ports, a parallel port, one external PS/2 ports, a serial port, and an IEEE 1394 port. The new laptop is also bundled with wireless infrared transfer, built-in 56 K modem and 10/100 LAN. Targeted at the professionals on the move the laptop is priced at Rs 69,000 for end-users.

Connoi also plans to introduce a range of P4-based Enlight LCD PCs by mid-June this year.

Sunila Paul 


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