Confusion mars much-awaited DCTA elections

DQW Bureau
New Update

The much-awaited election for the office bearers of Delhi Computers Traders Association (DCTA) is once again surrounded with lot of uncertainty, with President and the Vice President claiming different dates for the elections.


On one hand, Shyam Modi, President, DCTA, said that the election date has been postponed further to January and the last date for filling up the nomination forms has been further extended to December 31.

And on the other hand, Mahendra Kumar Aggarwal, Vice President, DCTA, and a strong contender for the President's post, said that elections would be held at the stipulated date only--on December 21--and no further delay would be allowed.

If this confusion was not enough, there are big question marks on the functioning of the DCTA itself. The much larger issue, some dealers said, is not the election but DCTA itself. Dealers are complaining that DCTA is not the actual representation of the dealers since out of 2,000 odd dealers in the Nehru Place market, only 150 are DCTA's actual members.


In addition, complacency has been plaguing DCTA for a long time. A number of dealers said that the association has become redundant. It is more interested in collecting money than working for dealers. One of the objective of association was also to increase interaction among dealers but it seems that common get-together has never ever taken place since its inception. 

Moreover, not only dealers but the Vice President himself is not satisfied with the way DCTA has worked so far. He puts the blame solely on Modi and shrugs off his responsibility.

Defending his stand, Modi said that he has always been very forthcoming in solving the problems of the dealers. He claimed that DCTA was instrumental in bringing down the sales tax from 10 to two percent. "I have tried to influence the government in my personal capacity. Though the proposal was sent from the association, but I personally persuaded the matter further. And this is a big achievement in itself."

On the flip side, Modi said that he had not received any support from the association and its members. "I would have taken this association very far, had I got the support from the members."

(To be continued)