CONFEDITA Conducts Medical Health Check-up in association with THYROCARE

‘Prevention is better than cure’, ‘A stitch in time saves nine’ are well-known adages. Today more emphasis is placed on the prevention of diseases and promoting health awareness.

Especially, we, IT field members and our growing sedentary lifestyle, increasing stress levels at the workplace, tempting and enticing food eateries, growing disposable incomes, increased addiction to automobiles, all indicate that we give to our body more than what it needs.

All these have given rise to obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure making it a host for many other lifestyle disorders. With advanced tests and technologies, clinical laboratories can help in identifying various disorders accurately which can be treated on time or at least their progress can be delayed.

Keeping all that into a vision of mind, Our apex association-CONFEDITA board conducts medical health check-up in association with Thyrocare for its member associations yearly once.

We, Being as a member of CONFEIDITA, ITTAPDY’ headed by Sabarinathan-President has organized a medical check-up camp with a help of our native town based Thyrocare Arogyam for its members at Kothari Vidya Mandir School, J.k. Tower, 100 Feet Road, Saram, Puducherry

51 participants inclusive of members’ family and staffs have taken the privilege of health check-up in the camp and benefited.

We hope that all of our members’ blood samples doesn’t bring any serious trouble to them mentally after in receipt of their result from Thyrocare.

We thank our apex association board for this health check-up program which is very much need of an hour for all of us.

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