Confed-ITA New Team Assumes Charge For New Fiscal

Swaminathan Balasubramanium


Confed ITA the IT forum of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry recently concluded their Annual summit here. The association conducted their 10th AGM and summit at Kodaikanal. The summit happened at Kodaikanal for the second time in the decade. During the inaugural day, the outgoing team presented the success of the association during their tenure which included the accounts, sports and business activities, member-welfare health activities and vendor-related activities.

During the hand-overs, Sujay K Vijayan thanked all the past presidents and his predecessors who helped his team for the smooth functioning.  Former treasurer Kumar handed over a laptop (housing the accounting details), banking accounts and the details of the migrated accounts. The visual display in the large screen, the analytics of the expenditures was the major highlight in the event.

Speaking out of his experience, Balasubramanian, former president, said his team achieved all the promises given. He also requested the new team start maintaining the accounts from the Day 1 rather than waiting till the end for a collective accounting process. Associations in Puducherry and Tirunelveli bagged their best association awards. They were selected on the basis of two parameters- regular activities and participation with the government.

In his acceptance speech, M Ramesh, president of the association said that the new team will work on his goal, ‘Think innovatively’. Confed-ITA will plan to conduct meetings related to GST and other business needs regularly. Including new product lines and seeking special support from the vendors during the festival sessions are some of his plans. Santha Satheesh, Chairman, Saantham group of institutions, the chief guest of the event, appreciated the forum for transparency, integrity and member-welfare activities. He also advised the members to make use of the digital development, the country is heading towards.

Close to Six hundred members across the state participated in the event is slated to happen for three days. On the vendor side, there were stalls and presentations.

Puducherry, Tirunelveli Associations Bag Award At Confed Summit

Puducherry based ITTA-P and CDAT Nellai has jointly bagged the ‘Best Association’ awards during the recently concluded Confed-ITA summit here. Both the associations had bagged the awards together. Here is a small analysis of how both the associations bagged the awards.

Puducherry Association:

The association mainly focussed on creating a ‘Brand ITTA-P’. The association projected itself as a 15-year-old forum with top-notch professionalism for the members of the fellow associations and other government and non-government bodies. This had made the association form as a professional body. Arun Subbu Rangan, former president of the association calls the streamlining of the association right from the membership. “We made sure the validity of the membership only for an year. This automatically makes the members have regular interaction with the association through renewal every year”, he says.

One of the key success methods of the association is segregating the project within the office bearers. “We had 6 office bearers and 6 EC members. Every team of office bearer and EC member will take care of one activity and set short-term and long-term goals. With that, we were able to achieve desired results as it had cropped up healthy competition within the team resulting in the overall success”, Arun Subbu Rangan concluded.

Tirunelveli IT Association:

The Tirunelveli IT association, has also played an active role in running the association in a successful manner.  CDAT Sponsored First EC Meeting of the Year 2016-17 and contributed equal share of INR 40,000 to CONFED towards the same and sponsored CONFED ITA’s diary advertisements. CDAT has also sponsored the Sports event of CONFED Cricket for the South Zone hosted at Tirunelveli and the badminton tournament of the Confed-ITA was hosted by CDAT at Tirunelveli. While a  member of the association has sponsored for the Confed cricket tournament, another member has served as the treasurer for Confed during the year.

The association has also participated in social activities like support to life the ban on Jallikattu.  On the participation from the business side, CDAT claims its members had made the highest purchase from CONCOM (a business entity started by the members of Confed-ITA).  Besides GB and EC meetings, the some of the vendors who sponsored meeting thro HP, Dell, Lenovo, nComputing, Numeric, Epson and Canon.

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