Computers@Home largest read computer magazine in India: IRS survey

DQW Bureau
New Update

The home computing magazine, Computers@Home, a Cyber Media Group publication, has been declared the largest read computer magazine by a recent research conducted by the Indian Readership Survey (IRS). With an average readership of 5,82,000, Computes@Home garnered maximum votes because of its `jargon-free style and the richness of its contents. '

Addressing a readership of families, small business entrepreneurs, schools and college students, and working professionals, the magazine has quickly broadened to a whole universe of novice computer users whose needs include advice on putting technology to work to enrich their lives. According to Mala Bhargava, Editor, Comptuers@Home, Computers@Home's mission is to accelerate the home computing segment. "Our goal is to be the one source of reference for how to get and use computers, the Internet and digital products-for anyone who wants to use technology without getting technical about it," said she. 

Computers@Home, has become the information source for home computing across India. Recently it has also begun operations in the Middle East with the launch of its Dubai edition. The magazine's popularity, believes Hoshie Ghaswala, Group Editor, Computers@Home, `comes from the upbeat feeling it gives you, its strong appeal and the way it gives you information-straight, simple, fun. That's how it manages to deliver more value for money to both readers and advertisers.'