Computerized check posts revived in Gujarat

Computerized RTO check posts was one of the ambitious projects of Gujarat and its architects won numerous awards for its implementation. It was the first of its kind in Asia and also found a mention in the World Bank development Report 2001 as one of the seven best projects to be implemented. But the computerized RTO check posts went in disarray when government lost interest in it barely after a year of its functioning.

Now, the government has realized its folly and has brought the project back to the rails. To keep the tempo, the annual maintenance contract has been given to a private firm. The revival cost to the government is Rs 40 lakh in addition to the Rs 200 crore that it had spent on starting it.

Computers at all the 10 inter-state check posts which went dead, have been restarted and are now connected to the Central Monitoring Station (CMS). It would now be easy to monitor the entry of vehicles from all the entry points of the state and even compile a database of it within minutes.

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