Computer to judge healthy baby contest

DQW Bureau
18 Feb 2001
New Update

The Sir Ratan Tata Trust has obtained permission for publishing the Gyandoot scheme of the Government of Madhya Pradesh, from the Gyandoot committee. Dr Rajesh Arora, Chairperson, Committee and District Collector said that the selection of a healthy baby boy and healthy baby girl, as well as selecting the highest milk-producing animal, will be made at the village-level through the Gyandoot 'soochanalayas', and will thence be forwarded at the district-level. 

Parents and animal breeders are urged to register for the same at the nearest 'soochanalaya'. There will, however, be no registration fee. The competition, to be judged by a computer, is open to people of all communities. The Trust has announced a prize of Rs 2500 for the healthy baby girl and boy thus selected at the village-level, and a prize of Rs 5000 for selections made at the district-level.

Similarly, for milch animals, the prize is Rs 5000 at the village-level, and Rs 10,000 at the district-level. The prize will be given in the form of five-year savings certificates. The competition will be conducted through all 30 'soochanalayas' in the district (of Dhar). Children below five-years of age are eligible for the competition.