Computer Delight is Adcom distibutor

DQW Bureau
11 Dec 2002


Chennai-based Computer Delight has been appointed as distributor for Adcom (Advantage Computers Pvt Ltd) in Chennai. Adcom is a Delhi-based manufacturer of hardware and networking products. 

"Computer Delight will be handling Adcom's peripherals and low-end networking products in Chennai," said Avinash Wadhwa, Regional Manager (South),


"We selected Computer Delight as our distributor for Chennai because of its good standing in the market. The company has exhibited tremendous potential and also has an impressive clientele," said V Kumar, Branch Manager at Adcom's Chennai office. 


"We are delighted to be appointed as a distributor for Adcom products in Chennai. The sheer expanse and variety of Adcom's staggering product portfolio is sure to attract business: we'd be introducing Adcom's LAN cable and 15 varieties of Woofer speakers," said Bharat Jain, Proprietor, Computer Delight.

"We would also be introducing Adcom's digicams and CDR media, in addition to its 500 VA UPS with two years warranty. Since the quality is par excellence and the prices very competitive, we're sure to do very good business with Adcom products," added Bharat


Computer Delight is a six-year-old company and handles products from all major IT vendors.

Patricia Sridhar