Compuage to represent AOC brand in India

DQW Bureau
New Update


Compuage Infocom has been signed up as the national distributor of TPV

Technology, manufacturers of AOC brand of monitors. The Mumbai-based distributor

will distribute the entire range of AOC monitors including CRT and LCD.

Contextually, the TPV group is also known as OEM supplier to major brands of

the world. AOC has been aggressively capturing the global market, with over 30

percent of the marketshare. Having sold over 45 million units last year, AOC has

made its mark with respect to performance, quality and customer satisfaction.

With 40 million units sold worldwide in 2007, AOC boasts of 30 percent

marketshare in the computer display market. In India, the company claims to have

sold around 20 lakh OEM units and five lakh branded units during the same


Compuage has grown from a partnership firm in 1987 to a 47-branch strong

organization. The company is currently working on further expansion. Last year,

it added six new brands in its portfolio, which includes HP, All for One, K7,

Sprint, Linksys and Targus.