Compuage launches DC to AC power inverter

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Compuage Infocom Ltd has recently introduced a device that converts the 9Volt DC power generated from the car cigarette lighter (or a battery) to 230 Volt AC power capable of running most commonly used office gadgets and home appliances.

This DC to AC power inverter allows most of the AC powered devices to operate in a car or any other vehicle. Users have to only plug it in their Car's cigarette lighter jack and get power for small TV's, laptops, mobile phones, video games, emergency lights or any electrical devices. The price of this mobile power inverter is Rs 3, 500.

This device comes with features like auto shutdown with weak battery, low battery Alarm, high surge current start for motors, overload and short circuit protection and other inductive loads. This Mobile Power Inverter also enables the user to recharge the battery of the electronic appliances that he uses even when traveling long distances in his Car.

Biju Bruno, Sales & Marketing Director, Compuage Infocom Ltd, said, "With the launch of Mobile Power Inverter we are making available a product of great utility for the executives who work while commuting. This product will offer them sheer convenience, when they are traveling or driving long distance on work."

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