Compu-Needs to open showroom in Techno Park

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Trivandrum-based Compu-Needs, a leading reseller in the market, is in the

process of expanding its business. The company is planning to open a multi-brand

showroom in Techno Park Campus shortly, with an investment of about Rs 5-7 lakh.

With a floor space of 300 sq ft, the showroom would display wide range of

products from leading brands such as HP, Compaq, Samsung, HCL and IBM, among

others. "Retail is the future and the world is moving in that direction. Be

it IT or lifestyle, customers, now, want to experience the product before they

buy it. Compu-Needs will offer its customers the opportunity to see, experience

and compare, before they buy a product. It is our constant endeavor to offer the

customers the best service in business," said Gokul Govind, CEO of Compu-Needs.

Services is the other area where the company is focusing on more to improve its

business and retain the customers.

Compu-Needs is one of the very few players in the market to offer multimedia

solutions. It is a specialty house for educational

and games CDs, besides providing devices and related accessories. "We sell

more than Rs 5 lakh of materials every month in the multimedia segment and want

to put a separate`multimedia' corner in the upcoming showroom at Techno Park

Campus," he quipped.

On the services side, the company has computerized its entire operations to

better handle the customer calls and improve the turnaround time. "With the

new system, the calls are being recorded and complaints get registered

immediately. All complaints need to be attended within one hour of registration

and everything is computer controlled. This has really helped our service

delivery model in the market and customers are looking forward for such prompt

services and support in business. Now, the customers are lot more confident on

our service claims," claimed Govind.


Compu-Needs is meanwhile getting aggressive with the own PC brand-Com10. It

plans to take the PC beyond Trivandrum market. "We are already talking to

players in Kollam, Cochin and Thrissur to promote our Com10 computers there. The

market response for Com10 is very good and more than 60 percent of the PCs sold

by us are Com10." The company is providing a lot of value-offers and

bundling schemes with its PCs.

It has registered a turnover of Rs 3.2 crore in the last fiscal and projects

to cross Rs 4 crore in the current year.

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