Compex to revive penetration in India

DQW Bureau
24 May 2002

Singapore-based Compex Systems, manufacturer of networking products, has appointed Mumbai-based SES Technologies as its third national distributor to improve its market penetration in India. Aditya and Neoteoric are the other two national distributors of Compex Systems. 

With Aditya, Neoteoric and now SES Technologies as its national distributors, Compex hopes to sink into each segment of the market - retails, system integration, project specification etc. According to Katherine YC Fung, Vice President, Worldwide Sales & Marketing of Compex Systems Pte Ltd, these distributors will help them in establishing a good presence in India since each of them have their own niche areas. 

"In India we could not make much emphasis though potentially it is very high. But now it is the right time to tap the market with the infrastructure developing rapidly. We are bringing in the wireless products though India has a lot of legislation on the wireless products. Once you get over the legislation the wireless product has a lot of potential," said Katherine. Compex iWavePort WL11A, iWavePort WL11A, iWavePort WLU11A, are some products in the range. Compex NetPassage WP11A wireless access point offers fast network transfers wirelessly. With its unique Wireless Pseudo VLAN technology incorporated into NetPassage WP11A, data privacy is further enhanced to isolate wireless clients. Compex has designed and developed irdaNet iRE201 for infrared devices. 

Broadband is another range of product from Compex, which offers high speed Internet. With people going to Internet to get rich source of information, speed is an important requisite. "India has a lot of foreign visitors where everyone wants to talk to the other end of the world at the same speed. The productivity increases with the efficiency in speed," notes Katherine.

Price factor and focus on higher end technology gives them an edge over their competitors like Intel, 3Com and Cisco, added Katherine.

Nisha Kurian


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