COMPASS Trade Fair to focus on software solutions

As the tech landscape in the Eastern part of the country is striving to become bigger and better with new start-ups emerging, entrepreneurs budding, IT channel partners transcending towards being solution providers and cloud technology entering every household, Computer Association of Eastern India (COMPASS) is playing a key role in supporting this transforming ecosystem.

COMPASS Tech Fair scheduled to be held between 13th and 16th Februray 2015 has taken a small step in redefining its traditional attire. From being a fair focused at hardware companies, COMPASS is showcase software solutions and product companies as well.

Herein, enters the role of NASSCOM who is supporting the biggest Trade Fair of the Eastern belt as association partner. In talks with Nirupam Chaudhary, regional head, East, NASSCOM, opines that most companies are a combination of hardware and software solutions complimenting each other. “We at NASSCOM aim to leverage the potential hiding in the East in terms of IT sector to bring a revolution in the space,” said Chaudhary.

As compared to other regions of the nation, East has always been in a laggard position due to lack of investment in IT and absence of domestic market. As a result, most companies here had to look for international clients.

“NASSCOM is striving to change the scenario by improvising on the domestic backyard so that more enterprises find it lucrative to base their operations here,” adds Chaudhary.

Talents and skilled manpower from Kolkata and its peripheral tier II cities like Guwahati, Patna, Bhubaneshwar, Siliguri, Durgapur are forced to move out and look for opportunities in foreign soil due to lack of employment.

“The more we encourage companies to set up operations here, the more will be employment opportunities. This will prevent the existing talent force to seek work outside their state borders and in turn improve the entire economic stature of the Eastern states,” says Chaudhuri.

With COMPASS showcasing interest in attaining the objectives set by NASSCOM, it was but natural to support them when members from the association approached this National Association of Software and Services Companies.

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