COMPASS to implement anti-poaching policy

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a move to curb down the rampant poaching of employees in between the

channel partners, href="">COMPASS

is about to finalise and implement an HR

policy following the preceding move taken by Siliguri-based ITAO. The

new policy, expected to be implemented on April 1, 2011 after the

Executive Committee meeting on March 15 which focussed on balancing

the prevailing trade practices by curbing down HR related

malpractices within the IT realm.



is learnt that the new HR policy will apply to the vendors also.

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is often noticed that in our trade, once an employee of an

organization (irrespective of channels or vendor) starts performing

well, another company eyes for poaching the person and often succeeds

in the move. This creates a very hazardous situation for the

company,” said KL Lalani, Chairman-Fair Trade Practices, COMPASS.



factor of employee poaching has started to become agonizing for

the channels, as well performing employees are asking for atrocious

salary rates and terms of service.
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trading is not lucrative anymore and profits are already on the

decline. Now, with the performing employees asking for frightful

salaries, it becomes very cumbersome for one to carry on the trade.

This is a move to stop or atleast curb down such a scenario which

comapneis are creating,” Lalani added.

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has sent circulars to all its members with the proposal for

implementing the new HR policy and has sought feedback over the same

by March 15 after which it will pass the resolution. “The proposed

anti-poaching policy will not only stop unethical trade practises but

also help companies keeping a track over its employees and their

activities by bringing them under the purview of the new scheme,”

said Pawan Jajodia, Spokesperson, COMPASS.