COMPASS takes strict measures to monitor its social media forum

Computer Association of Eastern India (Compass) has recently started “SANCTION” which means that each member who posts any comment or opinion on COMPASS’ Facebook page will need approval from authorities before publishing.

The recent initiative has been taken to block offensive comments posted by some members. Though a few members clearly seem uncomfortable to this stance yet this step has been undertaken in the goodwill of the association and to keep its online public forum relevant for opinions and discussions pertaining to the IT channel industry per se.

In a recent post, by Hari Balasubramanian, dated 4 December 2014, he has posted “If one does not respect the institution and the chair of the institution, then association has every right to recommend that a member who is causing disrepute to the association in public domain is removed from an All India forum. These are executive decisions taken in larger interest by office bearers and it is better discussed in a meeting with them rather than in FB threads. This also is uncomfortable to the persons who have been suspended. There is one more request to you– STOP FLARING THIS ISSUE ON FB– and instead have an audience with some of the office bearers to understand organisational perspectives. You have started participating in forums only recently and it is advised that you use all your energy towards positive contribution to the association and in addressing the burning issues in hand,” to one COMPASS member who has shown displeasure towards the barring of two members form its official Facebook page.

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