Compaq unveils new Evo notebooks, workstations

DQW Bureau
New Update


Compaq Computer India has unveiled Evo, a new sub-brand for Compaq's corporate computing solutions under the recently formed Access Business Group. Compaq also unveiled the new Evo N150 and N400C notebooks that comes with revolutionary MultiPort technology and the W6000 and W8000 workstations that deliver outstanding performance and expandability. The 'Evo' range will sport a cool new industrial design in carbon and silver and is aimed at providing customers a one-stop business solution. The new Evo range of notebooks and workstations will be available immediately through Compaq's network of authorized distributors and resellers. Customers can also choose to buy the Evo range from Compaq's online store Compaq will provide support and services through its service centers across the country.

"With Evo, Compaq has brought in the most innovative and latest mobile and wireless technology solutions to the corporate space which are simply and easy to manage and deploy. We believe Evo will further boost our position in the market as it is designed to deliver what businesses need today," said Ravi Swaminathan, Director, Access Business


Compaq has introduced the Evo N400C and Evo N150 notebooks to meet the increasing demand for wireless and mobile solutions. The Evo N400C sports an innovative new MultiPort solution for integrating wireless technology in a modular way by placing the wireless assembly and antenna within the notebook panel. The MultiPort solution offers a choice of both wired and wireless networking, and allows a user to switch between Bluetooth and 802.1 1b for wireless connectivity. The Evo N400C is priced at Rs 1,40,000 upwards and the Evo N150 is priced at Rs 1,30,000.

Compaq also launched the new range of Evo Workstations W6000 and W8000 that provide cutting edge processing power. These workstations deliver outstanding performance and expandability and are ideal for financial trading applications, electronic design automation, mainstream CAD and CAE applications, digital content creation and software development applications. The Evo Workstations W6000 is priced at Rs 1,95,000 upwards and the Evo W8000 is priced at Rs 2,90,000