Compaper goes online

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Keeping in tune with the shift to

online media from that of print, href="">COMPASS

has decided to take its

quarterly association newsletter, Compaper online, thereby launching

the premier eCompaper on September 3. Although the decision on

continuation of the print version of the newsletter is pending, which

is supposedly to be taken in mid-September, it is likely that the

association may discontinue with it. Hemant Chabria of Chabria

Infotech has been appointed as the chairman for eCompaper.

Discussing the benefits of the

online medium, Chabria said, “It (eCompaper) provides ease and

comfort to the end-users, who can utilize the magazine more

effectively than carry a printed one. Further they can share the

magazine with their peers and colleagues by just sharing the link.”

With the shift to online medium, COMPASS is optimistic about the

benefi ts of the newsletter, mainly from fi nancial viewpoint.

“eCompaper will definitely have an increased circulation, thereby

increasing the annual readership. Further, with no page limitations

and no time barrier, it will benefi t from an increased RoI. On the

business part, inquiries generated online will have a greater

possibility of converting them into sales,” Chabria commented.

According to the association,

readers will have a 'stunning visual experience' which will have

the look and feel of a real magazine, and will include-flipping

through the pages, realistic page turn sounds (optional) and even

spine shading features. Further, content can be zoomed into and

keyword tags will be added. The new eCompaper is further developed

with Vector Technology. Explaining the benefi ts of the technology,

Chabria illustrated, “Text in the digital publication is

vector-based, therefore the user can zoom in to a high level without

any pixelation occurring, ensuring crystal clear quality. Also, when

readers see something that they want to highlight or bookmark for

future reference, they can do so by using the notes or bookmark


In the age of 'social media

phenomenon', any content hardly tends to avoid the use of popular

media setting a 'cult status', and eCompaper has aimed to exploit

the phenomenon to the brim. “When readers find something

interesting, which they want to communicate, they can use the 'share'

feature to distribute the digital publication amongst friends and

colleagues via social networks including Facebook and Twitter or via

email,” Chabria concluded.