Compal and Wistron's NB shipments reach highest point

DQW Bureau
25 Sep 2006
New Update

Stepping into the peak season of NB industry, both Compal and Wistron have

given partial report that their NB shipments have reached the highest point of

1.31 million units and 9,40,000 units respectively with revenues NT$25.44

billion and NT$19.736 billion. Driven by the new contracts from Acer, Compal

indicated that shipment would grow 35 to 40 percent over Q2 at 3.8 to 3.9

million units. The shipment of July and August has reached 2.56 million units.

The revenue was second highest. The revenue of Compal was NT$25.44 billion with

decline of eight percent over July but with growth of 42.6 percent over last

year. The accumulated revenue was NT$173.369 billion with annual growth rate of

24.62 percent. Besides Compal, Wistron also performed well. The shipment of

August has reached 9,40,000 units driven by HP and European customers. The

revenue was NT$19.736 billion with growth of 12.55 percent over July and 46.6

percent over last year. On the contrary, Quanta's shipment has only reached

1.45 million units in August. The accumulated shipment of July and August was

2.9 million units. In order to reach the shipment goal of Q3, the shipment of

September needs to be reached 1.87 million units.