Communications 2020 catered consumers, company relations

DQW Bureau
07 Oct 2004

SES Technologies and Intel held "Communications 2020", a
communications event, in Mumbai recently. The program gave an insight on the
trends of communication and the various solutions that can bring satisfaction to
the custo-mer's needs. The event was hosted to create a special rela-tionship
situation between the company and the consumer, wherein communication needs of
interactive nature were discussed. The objective was to rethink the way we try
to communicate with consumers.

Ramdas Shenoy, SES marke-ting manager said, "The consu-mers access to
and greater con-trol over information has made the communications process much
more interactive betw-een marketers and consumers."

A broad range of telecom hardware and software pro-ducts and services-ranging
from boards to server software were examined. The event was attended by the
corporate from various verticals like banks, pharmaceutical, call centers and
hospital industry. The event will soon be rolled out to other cities.

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