Coimbatore: Staff loots money, partner faces charge

New Update

The DQ Week had already reported on the increasing crime incidents in Coimbatore. Yet another knee-jerking incident had happened among the channel partners recently because of the wrong selection of employees.

An employee working with a partner has been allegedly looted a lump sum of money from a channel partner. The management cornered him and the issue was informed to that employee's parents. Not able to bear the activity of his son, the employee's mother self-immolated. Following this incident, another one employee of the organisation to face legal cases and the CEO of the company has been included as co-accused, according to a report from a vernacular newspaper.


The thief is not an infant in stealing money and in fact, for his activity, the person was thrown out from pay rolls from another channel partner who had employed him earlier. The partner who had currently employed him either ignored or did not listen to the warnings.

"Our situation is as worst as to get our stolen money, we are in a situation to fall down on a thief's foot" , a partner share in fullest frustration. 

However, this incident has become a lesson for every channel partner who employs anyone without background verification.

(This news has been reported purely to create awareness and considering the goodwill and reputation of the partner, we have published the name of anyone)