Coimbatore IT expo-a success

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a good way to increase business. Associations all over Tamil Nadu

are busy organizing their IT expositions as Tirupur hosted some last

week and it was now time for the Coimbatore channel partners to host

their own exposition. Hence, they organized a three-day exhibition

that was held on August 13. The event saw a footfall of 16,000 and

the participating dealers were delighted with the response they

received. “This was our fifth exhibition and we registered 16,000

visitors who really urged to buy quality products. I take this

opportunity to thank Venkatachalam, the Mayor of Coimbatore for

inaugurating the event,” said Senthil Kumar of Zigma Infotech. “It

is rare for a customer to get an opportunity to see a plethora of IT

products under one roof in this town and this is the main reason that

the expo was a success. We received accolades from customers who said

that they came to know various technologies and products in a better

way. Therefore, they need not visit other cities or metros to buy

products as they are also available with the Coimbatore dealers,”

added Kumar.



MD, Ecaps Computers said, “Compared to the previous year

the crowd was little lesser but the good thing is that only quality

customers turned up. Cisco and Netgear organized two stalls for Ecaps

where they displayed live demo to the customers. We have received

business worth Rs five lakh in these three days of the exhibition.”



a number of spot discounts and bargain pricing offered to the

customers at the event. Since this IT expo has become an annual

feature, there are home and SOHO customers who actually delay their

purchase decision to coincide with the event. Rajinikanth, partner of

IT Home, who had booked two stalls out of the 100 stalls at the

exhibition said, “We displayed all the major brands that we had in

the exhibition and sold 20 laptops and 10 desktops in just three

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a major highlight for our business in the entire year.
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from selling laptops we also sold UPS and all wireless and networking

products.” Supporting Rajinikant's point Kumar said that people

from all the towns in the vicinity participated in the exhibition.

“Vendors such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony, Wipro, Toshiba and Cisco

too extended their support for this event either by participating

directly or through their dealers.”