CMP-CyberMedia launch Global Services mag

DQW Bureau
16 Feb 2006
New Update



recently announced the release of the inaugural issue of Global Services

magazine. The launch of Global Services is a signi-ficant step in the expansion

of Indian media globally. The Indian media scenario predominantly consisted of

global brands entering India. This is an instance, wherein CyberMedia, the

renowned specialty media house, under its joint venture with CMP Media has

launched a global brand. CMP and CyberMedia had announced a joint venture in

September last year to build this global media portfolio.

Hoshie Ghaswalla, MD, CMP

CyberMedia LLC commented, “The Global Services platform has two objectives,

the first one being facilitating global service delivery for the custo-mers and

service providers of outsourcing services. Our other objective is to provide

cost effective marketing solutions to the service providers in this industry.”

The magazine is targeted at the customer of outsourced ITO

and BPO services, with a predominant readership in the US and Western Europe.

The readership would also include the provider of ITO and BPO services across

supplier destinations. The magazine comprises of a blend of global outsourcing

news and happenings, research backed analysis, trends, vendor issues and expert