CMDA to hold IT Expo in December

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In order to discuss the roadmap for the period 2009-10, Pune-based CMDA

(Computer Media Dealers Association) held a general body meeting recently. The

meet that was sponsored by Microsoft and witnessed participa­tion of over 100


The event commenced, with presentations from Microsoft representatives Umang

Agnihotri and Mukund Jaggannathan, who threw light on the benefits of Windows 7

and BPOS.

Sharing further details around the roadmap, Naresh Lalwani, President, CMDA,

Pune stated, “As part of the initiatives and activities carried out by the

association, CMDA has resolved to hold IT Expo from Dec 11-14. Many members have

already booked their stalls. Besides, we also held discussions around the policy

and steps to be adopted in the event of cheque bouncing to ensure ethical and

fair business.”


Yogesh Godbol gave a presentation on policies to be adopted by CMDA members

and non mem­bers, in the event of cheques getting dishonored by CMDA. Lalwani

further clarified that the associa­tion will look at resolving cases pertaining

to cheque bouncing and in case a partner is reluctant to pay inspite of repeated

reminders, we will put his name (the defaulter partner's name) on our website.

“Only members of our organization will be allowed to view this page that will

carry the names of the defaulter party. Besides, we will also highlight cases

pertaining to fraud and subsequently the name of the fraudulent company on this

page,” added Lalwani.

CMDA will be holding its 12th IT Expo 2009 in association with Sakal at

engineering college ground. The event that accounted for more than one lakh

footfall last year will witness participation from vendors across the IT


Talking about the event Shashikant Sathbhai stated, “All major IT vendors

will be showcasing their products during the event. Visitors will get to touch

and feel the products including PCs, Laptops, Printers, servers, networ­king

products, UPS, monitors, netbooks, digital cameras, scanners, plotters,

multifunction devices, bio metric devices, backup devices among others.”


The event will also see CMDA focus on the concept of Green IT that will

further serve as the starting point for series of programs around the concept.

These program will extend information around Green IT products, power saving

techniques, e-waste management programs to IT users, dealers and vendors. During

the programs, members will enjoy guidance from renowned environmen­talists.

CMDA will also be conducting 12 technical seminars during the IT expo. The

main objective of these seminars will be to highlight newer techno­logies,

career opportunities and trends in the IT industry.

In addition, CMDA will also hold CIO conference. The main objective of the

above meet will be to bring IT heads of various organizations on CMDA's neutral

platform aside to discussing the latest trends and technology.