CMDA-ReIndia bury the hatchet

DQW Bureau
30 Jun 2009

Computer Media Dealers Association (CMDA) and ReIndia have mutually agreed to
sort out the differences and resolve the issue regarding the misuse of CMDA logo
during the expo and the ill treatment meted out to association members by the

Puneet Singhal, President, CMDA stated that the controversy over the use of
CMDA logo by ReIndia at the expo was raised because of a communication gap and
both parties have agreed to bury the hatchet in the interest of the trade.

“The matter has been resolved. It happened because of a communi­cation gap.
ReIndia will provide us a free stall in their next exhibition and they will be
using our logo. Further ReIndia and CMDA will work jointly towards the
betterment of recharge and recycling industry,” Singhal commented.

Virendra Chopra, Member of Organizing Committee, ReIndo Expo said, “The
miscommuni­cation has been resolved now. We need support from the associations
to promote the industry. We are also seeking govern­ment's attention towards
recycling industry that is aimed to be an environment friendly initiative. CMDA
will get a free stall in the next expo ReIndia organizes and they will use the
CMDA logo.”

ReIndia Expo will next be held in January 2010. Trade Expo India Promotions,
main organizer of the expo, is also approaching Indian Cartridges
Remanufacturers and Recyclers Association (ICRRA) in Mumbai to participate in
the event.

It may be recalled that CMDA had withdrawn its participation from the expo
held in March this year at the last minute on the grounds of ill-treatment of
its representatives and lack of cooperation from the organizing committee.

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