CMDA organizes Seminar on GST

Computer Media Dealers Association organized a seminar on GST on 7th May at Anand Niketan Club from 3 PM- 5 PM for the association members. The seminar was organized for the better understanding of GST which will help partners to tackle GST.

The Seminar was attended by over 60 members and was addressed by renowned CA Praveen Aggarwal and his team who took almost 3 hours in addressing various aspects of GST, Invoicing, and Returns etc and there was also question hour session in between to solve our members quarries.

Praveen Aggarwal also shared and distributed Power point presentation of his address

In case of Returns:

Points to remember:

Every registered taxable person to furnish returns

Submission of return – Through online mode

Return to be filed even if there is no business activity during the return period (File nil returns)

37 returns to be filed in a year: 3 (Monthly) X 12 Months + 1 (Annual) = 37

What to include in the tax invoice?

Points to ponder:

: If the recipient is unregistered and the value of taxable supply is 50 thousand or more, it is mandatory to quote name and address of recipient

: The invoice can be digitally signed

: Place of supply along with name of state to be mentioned in case it is in course of inter – state supply.

: Address of delivery to be mentioned in case different from place of supply.

: In case of exports mention that “Supply meant for export under Bond/LOU without payment of IGST” or “Supply meant for export on payment of IGST”


Also in case of export the invoice will contain

: The name of the country of destination and

: Number and date of application for removal of goods for export

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