Cloudera joins hands with Red Hat

Cloudera has partnered with Red Hat to help enterprise customers deploy big data solutions that meet their needs-on premises or in a hybrid or private cloud.

The coalition aims to deliver joint enterprise software solutions including data integration and application development tools, and data platforms. By incorporating a broad range of products and technologies, Cloudera and Red Hat will help customers harness the fast changing big data life cycle with open, secure and agile solutions.

The combination of Cloudera and Red Hat technologies puts big data at the center of the new enterprise data life cycle, accelerating big data adoption and enabling analytics to the scale demanded by enterprises. Red Hat provides big data infrastructure based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Storage Server, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform.

The combined Cloudera and Red Hat solutions offer an open and agile technology stack for enterprises to modernize their traditional data management architecture and deploy Hadoop as the core of their big data infrastructure.

Cloud-ready data platforms to accelerate the transition to the open hybrid cloud with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform and Sahara integrated with Cloudera Director and Cloudera Enterprise, all managed by Red Hat CloudForms. Enterprise-ready data platforms are secure, scalable and easy to manage with the integration of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, OpenJDK support and Red Hat Storage Server with Cloudera Enterprise, Cloudera Manager and Cloudera Navigator.

Agile data integration and application development tools with Red Hat JBoss Middleware and OpenShift by Red Hat integrated with Cloudera Enterprise that leverages the Cloudera Kite libraries, Cloudera Impala and Apache Hive connectors.

Cloudera provides enterprise-grade improvements to Hadoop while staying true to its open source roots. These include the Hadoop system management application, comprehensive security and governance, and a myriad of ways to access enterprise data structured and unstructured for self-service businesses and diverse analytic workloads.


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