Clinton-Ellison alliance rumored

DQW Bureau
18 Feb 2001
New Update

Will former President Bill Clinton join the Board of Directors of Oracle? 

That is the biggest rumor going around Silicon Valley. The speculation began on 20 January when it was announced that Clinton would appear at an Oracle conference this week in New Orleans where thousands of Oracle customers and software developers are gathered. "We just thought an audience would be interested in hearing from the man who was the leader of the free world during a period of the greatest technological innovation in history," said Oracle spokeswoman Jennifer Glass. In a move that would seem to lay the foundation for a Clinton-Ellison alliance, Oracle chief Larry Ellison, last November hired Clinton's former White House press secretary, Joe Lockhart, as the firm's new communications director.

Ellison openly supported Clinton's election and re-election campaigns and stood by him throughout the various scandals surrounding Clinton. Analysts said there is little downside to aligning Oracle with Clinton who remains highly popular and still

has higher approval ratings out of office than President Bush has achieved since taking office.