Cisco offers 0% finance on services for SMBs

DQW Bureau
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Cisco has announced the launch of 'zero percent financing' for Cisco

Multi-year Services Program' in India to help SMBs meet the rising demand for

technology to succeed in business.

Announcing the launch of Cisco's innovative zero percent financing program in

the APAC region including Hong Kong, Korea and China, GB Kumar, Senior

VP-Customer Advocacy, Cisco India and SAARC said, "Cisco is financing the

services needs of SMBs. This is an interesting trend in the industry. Service

offerings from Cisco will become more critical in terms of taking the challenges

forward," he said.

"Advanced technology is a key differentiator that can help businesses enhance

competitiveness in the market. One of the biggest challenges for SMBs is their

budget constraint, which hinders timely decisions on technology procurement and

deployment, and as a result affects their business development," added Kumar.

The program provides SMBs with immediate return on investment (RoI) by

allowing them to align their expenses with monthly revenue. It also helps lower

TCO for a company, enabling effective management of cash flow and resources.

With multi-year services contracts, SMBs can lock in current service pricing for