Cisco introduces new series of routers

DQW Bureau
07 Oct 2004

Cisco Systems has introduced a new line of integrated service rou-ters. The
company claims that these routers deliver secure, wire-speed data, voice, video
and other advanced services for enterprise and small and med-ium sized
businesses (SMBs).

According to the company, the new Cisco 1800 series, 2800 series and 3800
series integra-ted service routers provide customers with an infrastru-cture
that enables fast secure access to today's mission critical business
applications with optimized security, while establishing a foundation for
tomorrow's intelligent networks.

Cisco president (India and SAARC region) Ranganath Sal-game said, "Faced
with intense global competition, the dome-stic Indian industry has realized the
importance of investing in IT infrastructure to adapt qui-ckly to rapidly
shifting market and consumer dynamics.

Cisco's new portfolio of integrated service routers is a breakthrough in
routing tech-nology, which delivers the capa-bilities that Indian enterprises
and small and medium businesses need to optimize their business productivity in
an efficient and cost effective manner."

He added that the integrated service routers form the cor-nerstone of Cisco's
networking vision of an intelligent infor-mation network. Cisco Systems VP
marketing Ranajoy Punja (India and SAARC region) said, "Today customers are
looking for integrated solutions with capabilities to converge secu-rity, voice
and wireless LAN in to a single routing product. The new range of routers
launched by us offer the benefit of a truly coverage network with over five
times the service density, seven times the performance and four times the memory
over previous generation of products."

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