Chkfake Introduces An App To Check Fake Currency Notes Worldwide

Chkfake Brand Protection Solutions Pvt. Ltd. introduced “Chkfake”- A unique global platform which allows users to check the authenticity of currency notes of any major currency across the globe.

Chkfake’s vision is to build a world free from counterfeits, benefiting all stakeholders from consumers to businesses to governments.

Counterfeit currency notes are circulated across the world and are printed with high precision which can dupe an ordinary consumer.

However, most major currencies carry some high-security features which are very difficult to copy. It is important for consumers to know what these features are so that they can detect fake currency notes and protect themselves.

If fake currency notes are not detected, it can have serious repercussions for the affected economy. Some of the commonly counterfeited currencies include U.K. Pounds, US Dollars, Euros, Indian Rupees and Chinese Yuan.

The Government of India demonetized Rs 500 and Rs1,000rupee notes in the country in November 2016.However, there have been news reports of counterfeits of the new Rs.2000 and Rs.500 notes being detected and seized.

With the help of Chkfake, one can verify the authenticity of the new notes as well as older designs of Indian Rupees anytime and anywhere by simply downloading the Chkfake app from Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Chkfake can also be used to train key stakeholders/customers, enforcement authorities, employees or people dealing with a lot of cash on how to check for authenticity of currency notes.

Chkfake is expected to have a rapid growth in deployment in the fight against -counterfeiting due to increasing apprehension of counterfeits in general, as well as the simplicity of having a single-point destination to verify authenticity of any currency. With Chkfake, one can be relaxed as far as fake currency is concerned and be smarter about checking currency notes before accepting them.

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