ChitraJaal bracing up to create an enjoyment web

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Imagine a technology, which could network a number of theatres, facilitating

the screening of a single movie simultaneously at different places. No need to

imagine that as ChitraJaal is all about networking theatres. It is all set to

weave a Web of movies, masti and magic around all the theatres in the state of

AP. The project is scheduled to start in one theatre in each of the 1,100 odd

mandals within the state of AP and screen the same movies at the same time in

all the networked theatres. The project is the brainchild of Krishna Prasad of

Chennai based Spartek Group, which will be backing the $ 100 million venture and

is expected to be ready within a period of two years.

When ready, each of the theatres will seat a minimum of 300 viewers at a

single point of time. The concept of so many digital theatres screening one show

at the same time is the only project of this kind. ChitraJaal has already

initiated talks with the partners to set up theatres across the state having a

minimum of 600 sq. yards of land, ChitraJaal will provide the digital equipment

and connect the theatres with its broadband networks.

“It’s a one of its kind project in the Asian region, I don’t think

anyone else has done it before.


The idea is that once we start our broadband service, we will have enough

bandwidth to manage the movies over the network. We have formed a separate

company- NextAge Broadband to provide the necessary bandwidth for the screening

of a movie in different places in a networked environment.

NextAge would control the decoding, content enabling and content downloading

to all the digital theatres. The theatres will receive an uninterrupted, high

resolution, digital entertainment simultaneously,” said, Keshav Pitani,

Project head for ChitraJaal.

The move is going to wipe out the conventional movie release and screening

system which depends on projectors and film reels. When the project will be

realized the viewers will be able to get to see films all across the state on

the day of the release without any hassles. The current practice is to reach a

limited number of film reels from one center to another to cover the entire



ChitraJaal is also in the process of establishing contacts with producers and

distributors across the world including those in India, with whom it would sign

MoUs for screening of films in a networked environment.

“A big project like this needs thorough knowledge of the subject and as

there is no such project so the amount of uniqueness involved is also very high.

We are going to implement the project in a phased manner. As of now, we are in

the implementation phase of the Broadband Project. Once that is done, we will be

focussing on the rural IT service Hubs, after that we will be focussing on the

movie business,” Pitani informed. ChitraJaal will be started after the

broadband project is up and running within AP. The project once up and running

would provide the screening of a single movie at different locations

simultaneously. “We are going to network the theatres wherein the technology

would make it possible to work on a store and play model instead of live

streaming method. Existing theaters will need some technological upgradation. We

think the normal cinema theaters in big cities may not be affected at all.

However, in the B and C class centers there could be a change and we are working

on the costs involved in the upgradation,” he added.

Though it will take about two years for the final implementation of the

project but it is for sure that once completed the project is going to catch the

eyeballs of a number of people in the business of entertainment. The success of

the project will depend on the implementation of it as well as on the quality of

service it promises to bring.

Zia Askari