Chi Mei TFT-LCD TV is all set to enter China

DQW Bureau
New Update

After Chi Mei TFT-LCD TV entered European market, it is all set to enter the

Chinese market. Currently, Chi Mei has sourced TFT-LCD TV manufacture contract

to Sampo in Suzhou and also plans to include EMC as one of the manufacture

partners. Chi Mei mentioned that China TFT-LCD TV market is expected to boom in

2007. Chi Mei TFT-LCD TV shipment volume has exceeded 3,00,000 units in which

self-brand has accounted for 2,00,000 units. In terms of size, 32-inch is still

the main stream and accounts for 65 percent of the business. With the production

volume of 7.5 generation plant, Chi Mei can elevate 42-inch to 10 percent of

total production volume. The sales volume are expected to double. The

marketshare of Chi Mei is less than two percent ranked as third tier brand.

Currently, China TFT-LCD TV market is facing severe price competition.