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New Update


Bharat Bhushan, CEO, RR Computers

My expectations:

As soon as you walk into Nehru Place, you will see that the corridors are

strewn with packaging material, discarded CDs, old computers and a lot of

'e-waste'. There are hawkers on every corner, selling everything from clothes to

sunglasses to pirated software. The entire place is extremely dirty and very

unclean. This is something I would like to change in Nehru Place. I am extremely

happy about that the Nehru Place Ko Chamkao campaign is underway and if met with

enough support, it will surely be a success.


My contributions:

The campaign in itself is a very unique one but one that has become

extremely relevant in today's day and age. I will support The DQ Week initiative

in whatever way required. I will attend meetings and lend my voice to making

this a big success.

Nehru Place favorites:

Nehru Place is Asia-Pacific's greatest IT hub. Everyone all over the world

is aware of its existence. Having a shop here means that you are right in the

middle of a happening place. This is what I truly love about it.

Down the memory lane:

I have been in Nehru Place from 1992, ever since we started operations. The

area has gone through various ups and downs in these few years. When the area

was under the Municipal Corporation, no improvements were made whatsoever. Since

its handover to the Delhi Development Authority in 2006, Nehru Place has seen

some changes. New flooring has been put in place, new lights have been installed

and stairs have been mended. However, more needs to be done and I am sure that

the Nehru Place Ko Chamkao campaign will go a long way in getting it done.


Saket Kapur, CEO, Green Vision

My expectations:

The place has become overcrowded in recent times. As a result of congestion,

our businesses are suffering and entrepreneurs are hesitant in setting up shops

here. My objective in joining the campaign is to filter quality crowd and

increase customer footfall. Among the positive changes I would like to see in

the hub are:

  • Encroachment of hawkers
  • Overall cleanliness and hygienic conditions for public convenience
  • Safety and security

My contributions:

We will strategize legal framework for the campaign for the welfare of Nehru
Place and people working there.


Nehru Place favorites:

The place is special for me because this is where we earn our livelihood.

Down memory lane:

I started my business almost 20 years ago, and I have seen the place getting

crowded day by day, especially in the commercial complex. This is good in a way

that coming of more people means more business.

Shyam Modi, Modi Peripherals


My expectations:

I think cleanliness tops my priority list. There should actually be cleaning

spree in the area. Too many cows occupy the area making the place really dirty.

All small shopkeepers should be given proper space. The place is just too

crowded. It actually prevents the customers from moving properly. Shops selling

duplicate softwares should be removed. A good parking lot must be set up. Many

customers and even our friends complain that they find it extremely difficult to

park their cars in Nehru Place.

My contributions:

I am ready to offer any kind of help to make the campaign successful. I am

even ready to go the government or municipality for this.


The DQ Week can even let me know if I need to attend any meetings related to

the campaign.

Nehru place Favorites:

It is a good business center for IT. There are plenty of eateries here where

rajma chawal is the hot favorite item.

Down the memory lane

We have been in Nehru Place for so many years now. The place has expanded so

much, driving good business for us.

Ajaya Kumar, CEO, Park Group

My expectations:

There are some expectations I have from the campaign. Street vendors who set

up their shops in the veranda at Nehru Place should be asked to move their

business elsewhere. The corridors are also overcrowded by such hawkers, who are

unauthorized to work in the complex in the first place. Cleanliness is a chief

issue. For the complex to be neat and clean, daily attention is required in so

far as maintaining the complex is concerned. One issue of paramount importance

which needs to be addressed is water logging. There was immense water logging in

July. It resulted in a loss of material worth Rs 5 lakh. Proper parking

arrangement need to be in place as well. Earlier we would park our vehicles in

the DDA complex and pay Rs 10 per day. Now we have to park

at a multi-complex where the cost of parking is Rs 100 per day.

My contributions:

PCAIT has to get involved for this project. We will hold a meeting and probably

raise the issue on Nov 7.

Nehru Place favorites:

The good points about Nehru Place is that it is a nice complex which is self

sustained. Personally I enjoy the eateries such as Sona Sweets and the legendary

rajma chawal the place offers.

Down Memory Lane:

Nothing much has changed in the hub in this decade really. But certain

improvements have been noticed over the course of the past two years. Buildings

here now all have fire fighting equipments, and generators, the flooring is much

better now. The power supply of the complex has improved tremendously. I credit

these changes to the authorities.