Channel Needs Yusuf Pathan

mere area me hoga to main maroonga,”
so said Yusuf
Pathan after his swashbuckling knock which gave India an unlikely
victory in South Africa. Not much was expected of Pathan in the fast
bouncy pitches of SA. The expert consensus was that his hack and cart
approach of batting would come a cropper against the pace and bounce
of Steyn and Co. But Pathan confounded all his critics-while one
must laud his guts for taking all those blows and still not
flinching, this innings also brought out a smart aspect of the Sr
Pathan hitherto not discovered. That is instead of worrying about his
weaknesses and harping about them, he was intent on maximizing his
strengths. Therefore while he bided his time against Morkel and Steyn
by taking bod blows, Botha and Co were literally blown out of the
stadium. That’s what a smart guy does-he plays up his strengths so
as to cover some of his weaknesses, so that the sum part still makes
him a winner.

That’s the lesson the channel partners
need to learn from Yusuf Pathan. These guys should stick to their
strengths and try to consolidate their businesses on those lines;
rather, most partners now either crib or harp over their limitations
or they try their hands at too many things, ending up short in all of
them. It is best or prudent to be ‘Master of some trades, rather than
being the Jack of all (or none, to be more precise).’ For example, if
you are good at retail-you have the relevant space, at locations
where you can get footfalls and the deep pockets to sustain through
the initial days-only then go for it. On the other hand, many of
our channel partners are blindly jumping into the retail bandwagon,
and then burning their hands and wallets.

Or, with most hardware getting
commoditized, once these partners come under margin pressure, they
are now straightaway going into software as is today’s fashion.
However, what they often do not realize is that the dynamics of
software sales is completely different and the same principles
applied in their traditional hardware businesses might not work.
Rather, in case they go for hardware only in relatively niche areas
like surveillance or GPS, it might work out better as they can use
their past experience. It’s best to maximize and play up your
strengths; unfortunately, most of our channel partners are going into
areas with no knowledge or expertise and fumbling badly as a result.
Maybe, after the World Cup, we should ask Yusuf Pathan to take a
class for our channel partners.

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