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Chandigarh Offline IT Retail Market In Danger Zone

The online portals such as Paytm, Amazon and Flipkart have cleaned bowled the Chandigarh’s offline IT retail market. The IT market is consistently driving down the road with no brightness around the festive season. The sale and demand of IT products are continuously declining.

The actual issue is that the activeness of GST has severely affected the Chandigarh retail IT market. On the other hand, the online portals are selling the products with GST bill and GST invoices. Customers are moving towards the online markets. Naresh Garg of Accord Computech, Chandigarh, commenting on present situations said, ‘The people in Chandigarh are more educated compared to remote regions. This is also the reason because of which people are shopping more on online platforms’.

Now, small retailers can directly buy the required laptop, printer, smartphone or any other IT product with GST invoices, which also gives a cashback offer to the small retailer. This way the retailer benefits more from online engagemengts than approaching the regional or national distributor for the products. All in all, nothing is going in favour of the Chandigarh IT retail market. To this Naresh Garg quoted, ‘From the time online portals started selling products with GST billing, it has impacted the B-class cities and their business has come to a standstill’.

Further, while talking to DQ Week, Satpal Singh of DS Data Spec, Chandigarh stated something similar, he said, ‘Dealer community has been hit from all angles. Firstly, the demand is low, secondly, there is a lot of confusion over GST and last but not the least, brand owners are selling online at much below prices than channel’.

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