“Challenges are great, but we are geared up and are looking at the market with a lot of anticipation.”

DQW Bureau
25 Jul 2001
New Update


Anish started his career as an Institutional Sales Engineer right after his

B.E. (Electrical) from Tamil Nadu College of engineering in 1993.

His first stint was with Wipro lighting, then a new company with a zilch in

market share. This was comparatively a very new company fighting against giants

like Philips etc. His achievement here was a fast catapulted growth of company

and capturing 10 percent of market share in mere one year. Worked there in the

same capacity till year 1995.

He then perused further studies and did his MBA from Asian Institute of

Management and passed out in the year 1997. Campus recruited for Unilever, he

was posted in Hindustan Lever as Sales Manager (South India) - Chennai region.

During his stint of two years he moved on this region from the lowest sales

profit zone to #1 sales region all over country. He was appraised with GM award

for this feat. Again this stint was for Institutional sales. It was a very

multitasking job according to Srikrishna, as it did not involve just sales

targets as KRAs’, but people management, relationship management as well.


Unilever stint of two years culminated in Coke experience working as the

Channel Marketing Manager.

He took care of two crucial stints in Coke; first a crucial report on eating

and drinking channels in the biggest region of India ie Delhi. This report-CPM,

was a detailed study of market dynamics and buying attitudes of the consumer in

the region.

Second stint was to fill the gap between the theoretical aspect of CPM and

the practical implementation of it. He was made Area Marketing Manager and was

responsible for successful implementation of it in this huge region, where 12

million cases are handled a year.

June 2000 Anish moved on the Samsung in the present capacity. Samsung

according to him is a very different story as compared to his earlier

experiences. Unlike being an impulse buy, computer buying undergoes a very

stringent and long thought process. His aim is create the much-required pull in

the market for Samsung.

He plans for the coming year with extensive market pull creation strategies

and for the recent times Q3 will be a very crucial for his performance.

Srikrishna plans are to create innovative channel member incentive schemes and

create value packets for the end buyer.